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Concrete Block Making Machines and Their Classification

Blocking machines’ history The modern concrete block manufacturing industry is not the result of a gradual evolution but was abruptly driven by the invention of a machine with adjustable removable moulds capable of producing solid blocks. Solid concrete blocks were first employed in 1832 by the builder William Ranger in England, who patented his version […]

The benefits of using Concrete blocks in Commercial Buildings

16 Jul 2020 Lignacite has been well accredited within the construction industry since 1947. In more recent years, Lignacite has been used as the core building blocks of some of London’s most iconic buildings such as The Gherkin, The Shard and currently 22 Bishopgate and the Google Building. The block is unlikely to be seen […]

Concrete, a Centuries-Old Material, Gets a New Recipe

By Jane Margolies Aug. 11, 2020 On any given day, Central Concrete, in San Jose, Calif., does what concrete companies have been doing for centuries: combining sand, gravel, water and cement to create the slurry that is used in construction. But Central — one of a handful of companies at the forefront of a movement to make […]